Saturday, 24 December 2011

Brockwell Bake's Bolo de Mel de Cana - Food find

Not content with milling biodynamically and organically grown wheat and baking great breads, Brockwell Bake have now introduced Bolo de Mel de Cana afrom their bakery in London.  On sale today at Jacob's Ladder Farms shop on Druid Stret SE1, this particular cane honey cake recipe comes from the Lambeth Maderian community.  It's a speciality which is particularly associated with Christmas, but actually available all year round on Madeira.  Using Weald light flour milled in Lambeth, this dense, sticky cake is full of other good things including sugar cane syrup, almonds, candied fruit, cloves, ginger, cardamom and Malmsey wine.  It will keep wrapped for up to a year and its texture and flavour should get even better.  Brockwell Bake is a wonderful community association in South London - take a look