Saturday, 11 August 2012

Season of plums, gages and cobnuts - Food Find

London Market Shop
11 Aug 2012
We're approaching that time when the soft peaches, berries and currants make way for plums and gages.  At market today Greengages, Mirabelles and Early Laxton plums drew attention away from the last of the high summer fruits.  The Mirabelles are not at their most honeyed yet but wait too long and you'll miss them.  This week's buy are destined for a Clafoutis, I think.  Word has reached me of a solitary Mirabelle tree in a local park so I will definitely be checking that out in the coming week.

The first milky-fleshed Kentish Cobnuts were at market today too.  We need to eat these fresh to appreciate them at their best.  Later harvestings, into October, will have a fuller but less juicy ripeness.  We've been buying French sweetcorn for a couple of weeks now but today saw the arrival of the first Isle of Wight grown corn cobs - small but perfectly formed.