Saturday, 11 August 2012

Little Bread Pedlar Eccles Cakes - Food Find

Little Bread Pedlar
Eccles Cake
Today at Spa Terminus The Little Bread Pedlar was selling Eccles Cakes.  I got there when they had just come out of the oven and were too hot to be sold.  I reserved two and by the time I went back to collect them ten minutes later the rest had almost all gone.  Light, buttery pastry, quality dried fruit and a not too sweet filling puts them up there with the best.  I, for one, hope they will be a regular featue.  It certainly made up for the disappointment of arriving too late for croissants today - all sold out before mid-day at the bakery.

The Little Bread Pedlar
Unit 5 Dockley Road
Spa Terminus
London SE16
(The bakery is open for retail sales Saturdays 9-2pm.  Check their site for outlets)