Saturday, 7 January 2012

January spirit lifters - Food Find

The days are slowly beginning to lengthen but it takes a little more than that to raise the spirits in London in January.  The arrival of seasonal foods helps me get through the winter.  I was cheered to find the first Yorkshire rhubarb at Tony Booth's arch (Tayshaw) on Druid Street SE1 today.  This is, of course, the "forced" variety grown by candlelight in the atmospheric gloom of a Yorkshire forcing shed.  These delicate pink stems call for careful poaching in sugar to retain their texture and deliver a delicious sweet/sharp compote -  here's a link for more info and a recipe for Rhubarb Mess.  A few weeks from now you'll only be able to get outdoors-grown rhubarb, which is quite different.
Also at market today, the first Seville oranges I've seen this season.  Get them while you can, they'll be gone by February.  Recipe coming soon - there's more to Seville oranges than marmalade!